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Lidia Crisafulli is a London based freelance photographer.


Born in Catania in 1991, she discovered photography at the age of fourteen, when she began to express herself through the lenses of her first camera, a simple reflex.


After secondary school, she dedicated herself to photography with her first big professional challenge, moving to Milan to join the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia. Here she had an opportunity to deepen her knowledge of photography. Then, inspired by a passion for theatre, she entered the world of show business (naturally, behind the lens) at the Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan, photographing actors, musicians, shows and concerts. In 2014 she moved to London where she currently works.


Lidia collaborates with many magazines, agencies and theatre companies. 


She also loves reportage and street photography. Her pictures have been displayed in many exhibitions in Italy. Among these was her personal exhibition "Semu tutti devoti tutti" in Catania.


Lidia defines herself as a lover of the kind of photography that, like Bresson said, "captures the moment".







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